• Knightkamia

    Wiki Maintenance

    August 7, 2018 by Knightkamia

    Hey there!

    Some of you may have noticed we had a bit of a problem with vandalism about a week ago. I've been doing what I can to clean up the pages and wiki in general, but there is still quite a bit of messiness to work on. Some of the issue arises from new pages that have random and often crude "information" that clutter up the wikia, and I feel would be better off deleted. They could be repurposed I suppose, but I'd like to leave as little remains of the vandalism as possible. I do have quite a few tools to do this, but specific things, like bans, editing the navigation menu, and deleting pages are things that only an admin can do.

    To put it simply, I'd like to adopt this wiki and help it get a fresh start. This wiki was the first one I r…

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