Bolkar is the commander of the Legion of Supreme Evil, and the counterpart to Voltar. Like the rest of the legion, Bolkar was defeated by the league when their house was blown away by one of Dr. Squid's inventions.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

He is the same height and body type to Voltar, but with quite a few differences. He is closer to Voltar's clone in color scheme, with dark grey and black as the main colors and a gold as accents. The mask has three lines on it rather than two. His voice is slightly deeper and slower.

Behavior Edit

He is the leader and main schemer of his group, but has a more dignified and laid-back way of speaking than Voltar.

Relationships Edit

Dr. Squid does his every command, even at the snap of his fingers. The rest of the Legion are similarly obedient, but not as much as the clones were.

Core Episodes Edit

Season 1