The Cookie Commandos are an elite group of little girls part of the Suzie Scouts. According to Doktor Frogg, they are the "toughest cookies.".

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Each girl is wearing a purple ninja-like body suit that covers their whole body except for their eyes, and allows their ponytails to poke out. They also wear the purple berets that all Suzie Scouts. They are probably less than 14 years old each.

Behavior Edit

Each is silent and persistent. Once they start hunting someone down they will never stop.

Relationships Edit

They are well coordinated among each other, and are the strongest group within the Suzie Scouts. They follow the instructions of the Suzie Scout Commander.

Skills & Abilities Edit

They are skilled in martial arts, and are incredibly stealthy, proficient in what could be considered a ninja's abilities.

Equipment Edit

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Shuriken - These are star shaped cookies they use to throw at the opponent.