Dinatimus in his usual outfit.

Dinatimus the Osprey is the brawns of the Backup League of Super Evil. He has violet feathers, a white tuft of feathers on his chest, blue eyes, and peach talons beneath his Speed shoes. He also wears orange gloves.


Dinatimus was born in the continent of Downunda, but he didn't stay there long enough to gain an Australian accent. He soon moved to Mobotropolis to start life after his parents were abducted by Dr. Robotnik's troops. So he escaped to the Real World (Earth) as soon as he reached 21. Now, he has Venus the Echidna, Red Menace, Welgonia, Odian, Voltar, and Dr. Frogg for his friends. But he slightly dislikes Doomageddon because he tries to eat him when he knows Dr. Frogg doesn't want to be eaten.

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