Dipper is a mechanically, and electrically modified dolphin known as trained by the army to fight for good. It is a "highly trained aquatic soldier" with the code of 404-A according to The Army. The League of Super Evil mistook it for a ferocious shark and stole it to protect their inflatable pool.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Dipper appears to be a normal, friendly dolphin, with a light blue color scheme and black beady eyes.

Behavior Edit

It can only speak through the chirping noises a dolphin makes, and in general acts like a dolphin, albeit a hyper-intelligent one. It is also able to stand on its flipper and walk around outside of water, similar to a human.

Relationships Edit

It considers the League of Super Evil as its enemy, and meets them with determined, destructive force.

It is friends with Jimmy, the neighborhood kid.

Skills & Abilities Edit

It is proficient in disguise and able to act similar to a human and wear human clothes. It is also trained in combat. For some reason it is also able to fly, as high up as an airplane.

Equipment Edit

Swimming with Sharks

An example of the Laser Blaster

  • Laser Blaster - a square shaped gun that extends from Dipper's head, and shoots red beams able to turn the target into charcoal
  • A Missile Launcher - there is a full set of these that also can extend from Dipper's head, and shoot homing missiles at the target.
  • Fish-shaped Hand Grenades

Core Episodes Edit