Doktor Frogg is the inventor and brains of the League of Super Evil. While a mad scientist to the core, Frogg is the unluckiest man alive as he is always severely injured in some way or form, at least once per episode but often multiple times.

The fact that he is always getting into accidents and/or being targeted by Doomageddon as prey, could be considered as a running gag.

Character Description Edit

Since there is a "K" instead of a "C" in his name "Doktor" it is possible that he may be at least part German, but it may also be simply a play on the stereotype of an evil mad scientist being German.

Frogg is usually teased by physically stronger people for being weak, and was once even called "a sack of bags" in "Dr. Strong Frogg."

Appearance Edit

Doktor frogg

Doktor Frogg full figure

Doktor Frogg has crazy greenish-blue hair and a general blue color scheme He wears a blue overcoat with side buttons and simple dark blue pants held up by a belt bearing the L.O.S.E. skull symbol. He also has blue sneakers and goggles, and has a tall, thin physique. He has a bronze chin plate and bronze three-pronged bionic claws instead of hands that are able to swivel.
  • He lost his first hand in a dodgeball accident during Superhero Kiddie College, and his other was crushed by a young Doomageddon.

Behavior Edit

Although a mad scientist and the brain of the bunch, he is also commonly the voice of reason or the straight man. He is known to often point out to Voltar the flaws in his schemes, as well as the potential in the items that could have been used successfully. He both causes and solves plenty of problems for L.O.S.E. a good example of this is the episode "L.O.S.E vs. Lair" when he created an entire facility named Lair-E. When it went out of control, its central memory bank processors were later eaten by Doomageddon, slowly dying as it lost its intelligence.

Relationships Edit

He was once smitten with The Cougar, a female super thief who is known for flirting with younger men.

He is a member of the League of Super Evil, enabling Voltar's schemes along with the Red Menace and Doomageddon

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Frogg is a huge fan of Rock Gothlington as seen in Bad-O-Meter.
  • He never goes anywhere without his gold plated tweezers.
  • He is allergic to hair.
  • Doktor Frogg's first name is Archibald as seen in "Once Upon a LOSE".
  • His catchphrase is "Sorry Very Much" as seen in "Voltina" "Steeeeve!!!" and "Kinderprison" and others.