Dr. frogg

Dr. Frogg

Doktor Frogg is the inventor and brains of the League of Super Evil. He has bionic claws/hands, each missing 2 digits (they also have swivel wrists). He lost his first hand in an accident in dodgeball in Superhero Kiddie College, and his other was bitten by a young Doomagadden crushing the bones. He is accident-prone, getting hurt more than once, usually. While a mad scientist to the core, Frogg is the unluckiest man alive as he is always severely injured in some way or form. This is considered to be a running gag in some episodes. He is targeted by Doomageddon as prey, which is another running gag in some episodes. Since there is a "K" instead of a "C" in his name "Doktor" it is possible that he may be at least part German.
Doktor frogg

In one perticular episode it is revealed that he doesn't go anywhere without his gold plated tweezers. Frogg is usually teased by stronger people and was once called "a sack of bags ' in "Dr. Strong Frogg".

Character Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Frogg is a huge fan of Rock Gothlington as seen in Bad-O-Meter.
  • He once made an entire security system nicknamed Lair-E. Its central memory bank processors were later eaten by Doomageddon, stupidifying it and slowly killing it. As seen in L.O.S.E vs. Lair
  • He was once smitten with The Cougar, a female superthief as seen in The Bank Job.
  • He is allergic to hair.
  • Doktor Frogg's first name is Archibald as seen in "Once Upon a LOSE".
  • His catchphrase is "Sorry Very Much" as seen in "Voltina" "Steeeeve!!!" and "Kinderprison" and others.

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