Pipe fishing

Doomageddon eating a sewage pipe.

Doomageddon is one of the four members of the League of Super Evil team. It is an inter-dimensional creature similar to a dog, said to be called a Doomhound. Smart and mischievous it amuses itself by tormenting and often swallowing another member of the team, Dr Frogg, who quotes "I am probaly safer in Doomagedon's stomach".  No one cares or tries to help Dr. Frogg. except Red Menace, but if he doesn't help Frogg has to escape Doomageddon's stomach on his own, which he has successfully done on many occasions. 


Doomageddon has many powers, and if you have more information please tell Cynder Rush.

His main power is teleportation, but he can also fly, change size, turn invisible, breathe fire, walk up walls and tear holes in space-time. He likes chicken nuggets.


  • Doomworld, Doomageddon's inside was used for other places too in the show. it appeared as Snugglebum's background in "Snugglebum". and it appeared in "In your dreams" as the place in Glory Guy and Skullosus' dream, but with a few things added to it. Some things from Doomworld appeared in other episodes too, like the sun's face and one of the unicorns on Voltar's shoes in "Kickin' boot". the unicorns and the rainbows also appeared in "The cute of all evil" when the whole world turned cute. Everything from Doomworld minus the hills, the marshmallows and the bunny fly appeared in "Kinderprison" as the wallpapers on the wall. One wallpaper had green grass, a blue sky and the rainbows and unicorns, and one was exactly the same except the unicorn were not there and the sun was in the sky.  
  • In early episodes, it can be assumed Doomageddon was originally a hell-hound rather than doom-hound as Red's lip sync is clearly off as his mouth says 'hell' and his voice actor says 'doom'. This change likely occured to make the show more kid-friendly, but the animation was not redone.  
  • He is Voltar's pet.