just plain Elizabeth Sergeant.

Elizabeth "Liz" Sergeant, A.K.A. Lightning Liz, is the daughter of General Sergeant of the USA Army. She's one of the most dangerous and short fused enemies the League of Super Evil has. She's probably the only one who was the closest to actually trying to destroy them. When she had her father's prototype battle armor, she dubbed herself "Lightning Liz" and chased the League through her debut episode, named after her super hero name.

She has a pet poodle named Precious, and may have some affection for Voltar as seen in the episode "Doomhound in Love."

Trivia Edit

  • Age: 16
  • Affiliation: The US Army (Her father is a general)
  • Likes: Shopping, the mall, making Tiffany Miller jealous, anything fashionable, voltar
  • Dislikes: Anyone who has something more fashionable than her, villains, the League of Super Evil, not getting her way
  • First Appearance: Lightning Liz
  • Voice Actor:Tabitha St.Germain

Character Description Edit

Liz is just like any other stuck up teenager, wanting to be better than everyone else and wants more and more things. Liz automatically becomes awed by her father's latest weapon for battling villains, a super powered battle armor suit with rockets, blasters and a jet pack. She takes it and declares herself Lightning Liz before taking off to fight crime. However, she ends up crossing paths with LOSE when she mistakes Voltar's exclamation of an "EVIL PLAN" to be for real. She starts to attack and chase after them, all the while losing her patience with them more because of the teasing they give her. Voltar is the only one who seems to admire her attempts at stopping them, feeling giddy that a super hero is chasing them and calling them "evil" while Frogg and Red are scared of her. After she discovers their plan was nothing more than an "evil" neighborhood barbecue, she finally loses it and starts blowing things up outside. They only defeat her when Frogg, disguised as a fashion designer, tricked her out of the armor with a pathetic battle armor made out of cooking utensils and pots. Even though they took her armor and dismantled it, she somehow regained the armor, also somehow rebuilt, during an episode featuring a hockey game between heroes and villains.

Liz makes two other non-speaking appearances during "Evilest In Show" when a girl looking like her was watching the pet show and snickering at Doomageddon. She also appears in "Ice Creamed" inside the armor she obtained from Frogg. She doesn't say anything but we only see the back of her head. No doubt, she was induced by Frogg's chime just like a Justice Gene character appeared before she did.

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