These are the episodes of League of Super Evil in the following order.

Season 1 Edit

  1. Justice Gene/Table for 4
  2. Lightning Liz/The Bank Job
  3. Escape from Skullossus/10
  4. Slam Dunked/Evilest in Show
  5. L.O.S.E vs Lair/Swimming with Sharks
  6. Rock-A-Bye/iDestruct
  7. One Zillion/Bite At the Museum
  8. Full Throttle/Happy Birthday Dear Doktor
  9. Injustice Gene/Send in the Clones
  10. Ice Creamed/The Split
  11. School Daze/Badometer
  12. Suzie Scouts/At the Movies
  13. Not Accordion to Plan/The Henchbot Elites
  14. Mr and Mrs Bandango/Driver's Evil Ed
  15. The Night Before Chaos-mas/Counting On Victory
  16. Fools/World Wreckers
  17. Lose Tooth/Underwhere?
  18. Lose Junior/The League of Super Hockey
  19. Evil Never Sleeps/Glory Hog
  20. Past Due/Degrees of Evil
  21. 20,000 Crunches Under the Sea/Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  22. Vollosus/No Good Deed...
  23. Franken-Blecch/Room For Four
  24. Red Menacing/Dr. Strong Frogg
  25. Party Pooper/A Lose/Lose Situation
  26. Dial 'E' for Evil/Voltar Squared

Season 2 Edit

  1. Hard Boiled/Etched In Stone
  2. Voltina/And The Loser Is...
  3. All You Can Eat/Golden Claw
  4. The Cookoff/My BFF Destrucktor
  5. Journey to the Center of Evil/Canned
  6. Last Villain Standing/Ant-Archy!
  7. Vote Voltar/LOSE The Movie
  8. Doomababy/Back to the Coupons
  9. Changemorphers/Force Fighters VI
  10. U.O. Me/Mr. Wubby
  11. Friendship Day/Snugglebum
  12. Doomhound in Love/Hot Can-Tato!
  13. Steeeeve!!!/LOSE Newz

Season 3 Edit

  1. Voltopia/Kickin' Boot
  2. Voltar's Parade/Just Us Genes
  3. Spaaaace Bugs/Buy 2 Get None Free
  4. Mama Menace/Change for the Worse
  5. In Your Dreams/Trashpocalypse Now
  6. 00-Geddon/Hurty Dancing
  7. Kinderprison/Each Sold Evilly
  8. Gameageddon/Chez Voltar
  9. Brain Freeze/Henchstrike
  10. Muhaha/The Art of Eviiil
  11. The Skulloshow/The Cute of all Evil
  12. V-TV/Cloudy with a Chance of Stupid
  13. LOSE Weight/Once Upon a LOSE

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