Force Fighters V are a group of teen heroes who protect Metrotown from the forces of evil using technologically advanced vehicles that can transform and combine into a giant robot. They all wear masks that cover their mouths, and make exaggerated gestures when they speak.

Members Edit

  • Rosé in the "Cool Jet" which turns into the torso and head
  • Seafoam Green in the "Gnarly Tank" which becomes the right foot
  • Goldenrod in the "Slick Hovercraft" which becomes the left foot
  • Magenta in the "Sweet Attack Helicopter" which becomes the left hand
  • Periwinkle in the "Giant Blue Hand" which is used as the right hand

Trivia Edit

  • They have a few catchphrases, but the main one is "Time to Actualize!"
  • This group is a parody of the Power Rangers.
  • Their nemesis is Commander Chaos