General Sergeant is General of The Army and in charge of weapon development and countering the forces of Evil. such counter measures are usually attempted by obtaining powerful items first to "keep them out of the hands of evil," as well as using their human forces and weapons to stop destructive rampages.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

He is a big guy with broad shoulders and a small black mustache. He wears a green military uniform and military boots, with a green beret. His chest is highly decorated.

Behavior Edit

He has a loud voice and is often shouting orders or one-liners, and will often go out the front lines himself against villainy, especially against Skullosus. Though strict and commanding to almost everyone, he is meek and subservient to his spoiled daughter.

Relationships Edit

He dotes on his daughter Elizabeth Sergeant, even allowing her to use military weaponry and suits. He calls her his "little frag grenade."

He is the main adversary of Skullossus, and they have a friendly rivalry.

Trivia Edit

  • Though probably not the creator, he is the one who presents the finished robotic exo-suit "XGL Prototype Battle Armor" before it is seized by Lightning Liz.

Core Episodes Edit

Season 1