Glory Guy or Captain Glory Guy is one of Metrotown's most distinctive and renowned superheroes, and lives in the grand Halls of Glory. Formerly known as Glory Kid in superhero kiddie college, Captain Glory Guy is leader of a superhero group known as "Legion of Glory."

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Glory Guy is a tall, angular man with muscles. His costume is a white jumpsuit lined in bright red stripes and with red boots and wing-like attachments on his head. He has a golden star on his chest, along with some other golden accents.

Behavior Edit

He is a rather standard type of "heroic" personality, and can come across as showy and even arrogant. He is amiable and friendly towards non-evil characters, and the League of Super Evil is included in this as he seems to consider them a low priority and not truly Evil. For example, when their Uncatchable Evil Flying Disk of Doom lands in his front yard, he is more than willing to give it back until Doktor Frogg talks about how he will enhance it to be actually evil. On the other hand, he is determined to punish all true evildoers and protect the innocent citizens.

Relationships Edit

He seems to be well-loved by the citizens of Metrotown in general.

Trivia Edit

  • He has employed Justice Gene as a Security Guard a couple of times.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 1

Season 2