The Halls of Glory is the home base of the famous superhero, Glory Guy and the Legion of Glory. It has been the workplace of Justice Gene on at least two occasions, as a janitor/security guard.

Appearance Edit

It is a towering building of red and white, decorated with a giant yellow star. It is built on a sprawling green yard surrounded by a white stone fence that is about the height of Red Menace doubled (approximately 10-12 feet or 3 to 3.7 meters).

Features Edit

  • A thick metal gate only accessible via key-card access.
  • A video intercom system
  • A sprinkler systems is installed on the lawn, which the League of Super Evil mistakes as security measures.
  • A slushie-fizz machine, available for even employee use which is a particular favorite of Justice Gene.

Trophy Room Edit

Also called the "Hall of Confiscated Villains Loot," it contains a whole collection of devious devices and even villains themselves. Each item is placed on top of white pedestals and contained within glass lids, secured by an alarm system.

Confiscated Loot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Slushie-Fizz machine is what Justice Gene missed the most about the work place, and also what caused him to betray the League of Super Evil in exchange for his old job back.