Henchbots 017 and 032 are the personal robots belonging to the League of Super Evil. They fall apart easily, even when performing simple tasks. Their duties include cleaning up after Doomageddon, household chores, and playing Voltar's dramatic background music (but they usually play polka music instead). They are also occasionally sent out to battle, which will always result in their destruction, as they don't seem to have any sort of gear or abilities.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

The henchbots are a matching pair of humanoid robots made of grey metal parts held together by black plastic joints. There are a few slight differences, as 017 is lined with a shade of pale green and is taller, while 032 is lined with a shade of yellow and is shorter.

Behavior Edit

They are obedient, but incompetent robots who don't seem to be very bright, yet have some indicators or personality. They are often smiling, even when they get broken apart.

Relationships Edit

They are the robotic minions of Voltar and the League pf Super Evil. It is most likely that Doktor Frogg is the one constantly repairing them.

Trivia Edit

  • They seem to enjoy polka music, and are often seen playing card games.
  • According to Evil Stevens in "Henchbot Elites" they are rare antiques.