The fourth combined episode of season one in the League of Super Evil TV series.

Ice Creamed - Summary Edit

Voltar and Doom are tired of the ice cream man always being sold out of their favorite Fugdey Yummy Fudge bars. Frogg invents a mind control device in order to convince the world that disgusting Tofu Pops are actually tasty, in order to leave all the Fudgey Yummy Fudge bars untouched. Trouble is, the hypnotizing chime works, even on the League members!

The Split - Summary Edit

Voltar quits being leader, leaving Doktor Frogg in charge of the League and free to scheme! Without Voltar "holding him back" he concocts an evil scheme that may actually work. But now that he's thrust into the spotlight, will Frogg crack under the pressure?