Justice Gene is a character who is convinced that every path he takes in life will lead him to become a super hero. He lives in Metrotown, and is often seen working odds and ends of jobs.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Gene has dark brown hair, a uni-brow, and a long chin. He is always seen wearing the current uniform of his workplace, but is commonly in khaki shorts and a blue collared shirt with short sleeves and a black tie.

Behavior Edit

He is hardworking and earnest, with a never-ending determination, but he is not terribly competent or intelligent. He seems to have a similar education as Voltar, as their history knowledge matches.

Relationships Edit

He and the League of Super Evil have a friendly (?) rivalry.

Previous Jobs Edit

All of these jobs he's been fired from at least once. In each, Gene frequently comes across the League of Super Evil.

  • Public Security Officer of the U.N.C.O.O.L.
  • Night Security Guard at the Museum
  • Warehouse Cop
  • Pronto Pizza Delivery Guy
  • Janitor at the Halls of Glory (twice)
  • Probationary Minion for LOSE known as Injustice Gene.

Injustice Gene Edit

For a short period of time, Gene worked as a minion for the League of Super Evil in order to have a place to live, since he wasn't able to hold down any other job.

Costume Edit

Although he tried various costumes, the one that stuck was a purple suit of two shades, and a simple purple mask that only went around the eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • One of his favorite things is the Slushie-Fizz Machine in the Halls of Glory, even willing to betray Doktor Frogg in exchange for his old job there so he could get at the machine again.

Core Episodes Edit

Season 1

Cameos Edit

  • Ice Creamed (possibly clinging onto the ice cream truck saying, "Tofu pops are tasty!".)