Kinderprison Edit

Voltar is mistaken for one of the super-children Nanny Boo Boo takes care of. She runs a daycare for all the kids of villains and superheroes alike. When her robot scans Voltar he is verified as a child and is "imprisoned" with the children. He starts a revolution to attempt escape with the kids and is helped by the other LOSE members. Though Voltar is successful, the others decide the lair was much more peaceful without him and so send him back to the daycare.

Each Sold Evilly Edit

When Voltar discovers the neighborhood children with Force Fighter V action figures, he is outraged that there aren't any League of Super Evil action figures. To fix this problem, Voltar commissions Doktor Frogg to create the LOSE figurines. Unfortunately, the toys betray their creators and conquer the Lair.

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