The League of Super Evil or L.O.S.E. is a team of villains, and the main focus of the TV show of the same name. The group is fairly unknown in the supervillain circles of Metrotown, but it's leader has big plans for infamy. They live in a suburban neighborhood in their Lair.

Members Edit

  • Voltar - the leader of the group, he has a very clear idea of what evil is, and will not stray from it. He is the main motivator and schemer of the team.
  • Doktor Frogg - a mad scientist and the brains of the group, he is also the most accident-prone.
  • Red Menace - a big, gentle guy who really isn't that evil, he is the brawns of the group.
  • Doomageddon - the team pet, it is a destructive and disobedient creature from another dimension.

Minions Edit

Temporary Members Edit

  • Injustice Gene - Unable to keep down a regular job, Justice Gene tries his hand at villainy under the League of Super Evil.
  • Clones - a group made to do the League's dirty work, they instead turn out to be more competent than the originals, but with a much shorter life span.