The Clones of the League of Super Evil members were created by Doktor Frogg in an attempt to create minions


who would do the dirty work (mainly cleaning Doomageddon's radioactive droppings) for the original League members. However, they turned out to be even better at evil schemes than the original league, and almost took over the world.

Character Descriptions Edit

Due to Doktor Frogg's adjustments, the clones show exaggerated improved qualities based off of each member. Doktor Frogg's clone becomes more cunning and able to build inventions at a moments notice, Red Menace's clone becomes stronger and sturdier, Doomageddon's clone becomes more demonic, and Voltar's clone becomes more ambitious and villainous in general.

However, as clones they have a short lifespan, and quickly turn into puddles of golden goo after a few hours.

Appearance Edit

Overall each clone has the same outfit but with darker color schemes, and physical details more suitable for their alias. The Red Menace clone is actually red, Doktor Frogg has a massive brain and a white lab coat, and Voltar has a black color scheme common for villains. Doomageddon is even more bestial, with red eyes and green skin, and a mace-like tail.

Behavior Edit

Each is more vicious and evil than their original, and considers themselves superior in every way. Considering that each one is more powerful than their counterpart, there may be some truth to it. Their have immense ambition to conquer the world, and work well as a team. However, the leader, Clone Voltar, is prone to spouting cliche lines, and the three members beside him hardly show much character at all.

Relationships Edit

The clones work well as a team, and each of the the members listen obediently to Clone Voltar's orders. Otherwise, they look down on everyone except themselves.

Trivia Edit

  • In their short rampage, they defeated Commander Chaos and Skullossus, the first in a "Record-breaking 3.2 second battle" that left his robot suit in shambles.
  • They were made from a single hair from each L.O.S.E. member