Lightning Liz/The Bank Job was the actual first episode of the TV series League of Super Evil (Justice Gene/Table for 4 was the pilot episode).

Lightning Liz Summary Edit

LOSE's latest scheme is to have a lavish "evil" backyard barbecue party and not invite any of the neighbors. Unfortunately, General Sergeant's spoiled teen daughter, Liz, has just been "gifted" the XGL Prototype Battle Armor from her father, and attempts to crash the party.

LOSE spends their time trying to avoid Liz who has called herself Lightning Liz. She chases them to the mall thinking they're there to rob it when they actually went there to buy groceries for their barbecue.

Enraged, Liz decides to destroy them for wasting her time.

The Bank Job Summary Edit

The First National Bank of Villainy is offering a free Atomic Toaster to everyone who opens an account, and L.O.S.E. wants one badly. In order to scrape up enough for the $5 minimum deposit, Voltar gets them jobs as bank security guards so they can rob the vault, deposit the stolen loot back in the bank, and get their free toaster!!!! Muhuhahaha!! But an alluring super thief, known only as The Cougar, has her sights on the bank vault as well... and that hunky Red Menace!