The 17th episode of The League of Super Evil. It was first run in Canada on Saturday October 3 2009 and in the United States on Monday June 8, 2009.

Lose Tooth Edit

Doomageddon has a toothache, and is chewing up everything he can get his jaws on. They have to get him to the vet, but how will do that if they can't catch him? He jumps into a dimensional rift whenever the word "vet" is mentioned.


Voltar's "lucky" pair of underwear has gone missing after Red Menace and the Doktor Frogg forcefully took his smelly clothes to be washed. They were sure that they'd put everything into the washer, and everything came back except Voltar's underwear seems to have disappeared. It turns out that thousands of other pairs of underwear has gone missing as well! After investigating suspicious pipes attached to clothes washers all over Metrotown he finally tracks it down, and the culprit is discovered to be Buddlington Von Pantaloon III, Voltar's old college rival.