Magenta is one of the members of the Force Fighters V, and pilots the "Sweet Attack Helicopter."

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

His costume is a matching pair to the rest of the team in a different shade. The suit and helmet is a dark reddish-purple, accented by the white gloves and boots. The mouth piece on the mask does not move, even when speaking. He is of an average height and with a thinner figure.

Behavior Edit

Quieter than the rest of the team, he nevertheless contributes to the clique phrases the rest of them say, albeit less frequently. He seems more serious than his counterparts, and his voice is deeper than the rest.

Relationships Edit

He is obedient to Rosé's instructions and in perfect synch with the rest of the team.

Vehicle Edit

He pilots the "Sweet Attack Helicopter" which can transform into the left hand of a giant robot. It is colored the same shade as his costume.

  • Attack Type: "Proton Torpedoes"
Sweet Attack Helicopter