Mysterio Villaino is a minor background villain who first appears in Episode 2, A Table for Four, when the League of Super Evil disguise themselves as him in order to try and sneak into the fancy Villaynes restaurant. Though their disguise is nearly identical to Mysterio, they are immediately discovered as imposters.

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Mysterio Villaino wears a long yellow-brown trench coat and wide brimmed hat. He has a red mask identical to Voltar with a curling mustache on top, dark sunglasses, and on his coat and hat there is a red M with a smaller V underneath. He is as tall as Doktor Frogg and Voltar's heights combined, and looks suspiciously like the two in a trench coat.

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He acts sketchy in general, speaking with an uncertain quaver. Perhaps because of his height, he has the tendency to bump into things, as his legs seem to move differently from his upper body, causing his back to lean precariously while walking.

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  • Mysterio specializes in robbing discount hat outlets.
  • He cameos in a few episodes as a background character, sometimes appearing more than once in a single frame, such as the multiple Mysterios sitting in Rotton Core's auditorium in iDestruct.

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