Nanny Boo Boo is a superhero nanny based off of Mary Poppins, and flies with her propeller-like umbrella.When she discovers how bad the League of Super Evil is she immediately tries to nanny each of them with timeouts, dresses, and a safety helmet for Doktor Frogg, who tricks her by claiming that she has cured them of evil and directs her towards Elizabeth Sergeant.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

She wears a blue dress with double columns of golden buttons and a high white collar edged in red lace. Her hat is a simple blue with a daisy stuck in it. She also wears a red lacy cape and a white apron with her "N" symbol embroidered on.

Behavior Edit

She is a strict woman obsessed with safety and discipline, but with good intentions.

Relationships Edit

In season 3 she runs a daycare for all the super children of Metrotown, where all superheros and villains send their kids.

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Season 1

Season 3