This is the thirteenth combined episode of season one in the League of Super Evil TV series.

Not Accordion to Plan Edit

After an accordion is practically given by a store manager, the Red Menace discovers he's an accordion savant. Voltar decides to use the accordion in his latest scheme. to get people to go away. However, as Red swiftly rises to accordion fame, he must choose between the League and Polka stardom.

The Henchbot Elites Edit

Tired of their old, broken down Henchbots, the League decides to trade them in for new ones. Receiving fancy Elite Henchbots from Rotten Core in exchange, the League excitedly begins their scheme to pilfer Steve's trampoline - only to find that these new Henchbots require multiple, expensive upgrades. After multiple attempts and the loss of most of their possessions, they finally go back to face Rotten Core and get their rusty but reliable Henchbots.