Hello! Welcome to the Basic Rules for the League of Super Evil Wiki. We ask that all users make edits and post according to the guidelines below. After that, you are welcome to explore on your own and start making articles!


  1. Don't upload inappropriate content. Whether that's an image, video, or text, none of it is allowed.
  2. Don't use curse words for your username or when making an article. It's uncool, man.
  3. Do try to provide as much as you know about L.O.S.E. in your articles. Some people don't know anything about the L.O.S.E universe at all.
  4. Don't upload content that has nothing to do with L.O.S.E. or is inaccurate to the series. All fanfiction must go to the fanfic wiki for L.O.S.E. found here.
  5. Don't delete other people's articles or content without a reason.
  6. Don't create contention with other users. Try your best to discuss things peacefully, even if you disagree.
  7. Do try to have creative, imaginative fun with your articles.