Hi. Welcome to the Beginners' Rules. If you're new here, I suggest you come here before you're ready to explore on your own and start making articles. As you know, being a good member is all about obedience, loyalty, and setting an example for others. You really wanna know how not to be banned? Well, check out the rules below.


  1. Don't use curse words for your username or when making an article. It's uncool, man. An article with bad words in it may have only a few seconds to live, so get rid of any curse words you can find in your articles.
  2. Don't delete other people's articles without a reason. Deleting someone's article for no reason is unacceptable. That's one way to get banned, so don't do it.
  3. Do try to provide as much as you know about L.O.S.E. in your articles. Some people don't know anything about the L.O.S.E universe at all.
  4. Don't upload photos that have inappropriate content in them or have nothing to do with L.O.S.E. Photos like these will be deleted on sight immediately.
  5. Don't argue with the person who deleted your article for a good reason. One shout of "OMG! U RONGFULY DELTD MY PAGE! U R GONG 2 DIE!" and you're gone, Buster!
  6. Don't make death threats. This will concern me, and I might have no choice but to ban you, forever.
  7. Do try to have creative, imaginative fun with your articles. Truthful or not, all articles are allowed.
  8. Don't edit articles without a reason.
  9. Don't do anything before reading these rules.
  10. Don't upload videos that have inappropriate content in them or have nothing to do with L.O.S.E. Videos like these will be deleted immediately.

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