Periwinkle is the purple member of the Force Fighters V heroic group, and the driver of the "Giant Blue Hand"

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

He wears a purple suit and helmet, both of which are too small on him due to his fat. As such, he is the only member of the team whose mouth can be seen while speaking. He is easily distracted, and enjoys spending his time eating pizza.

Behavior Edit

Though not as graceful or balanced as the other team members, he is still mostly in synch with their choreographed sequences. However, he is a slob who loves to eat fast food like pizza, and his vehicle is a mess.

Relationships Edit

Despite being easily distracted by food, he is able to mostly keep up with his team members. However, he is not usually included until the situation as a main fighter

Vehicle Edit

Periwinkle pilots the the "Giant Blue Hand" vehicle which is filled with garbage like soda cans and old pizza boxes. It attaches as the right hand of a giant robot.

  • Attack Type: the Triple F - "Force Fighter Fist" which is a literal finger flick using the vehicle
    Giant Blue Hand