Red Menace is the brawn of the League of Super Evil. Despite his large size and strength, he is probably the nicest person in the League.

Character DescriptionEdit

Appearance Edit

Red menace

Red Menace full figure

Red Menace is a big guy with red hair and gloves like his namesake, but the rest of his outfit is green. He wears a long-sleeved militaristic styled coat and pants, and has a black mask, boots, and belt with the L.O.S.E. skull symbol.

Behavior Edit

He acts somewhat childish, but is incredibly caring and does all he can to help his fellow members in the league. Although he lacks some common knowledge it is uncertain how intelligent he actually is since he scored "Triple Einstein" in the intelligence scoring game Brain Dump.

Relationships Edit

He is a member of the League of Super Evil, enabling Voltar's schemes and helping save Doktor Frogg from Doomageddon's jaws.

Trivia Edit

  • He is obsessed with the strangest foods, like liver-flavored cake and tofu pops.
  • He is able to play the accordion and seems to like polka music, as seen in "Not Accordion to Plan"