The seventh episode of season one in the League of Super Evil TV series.

Rock-a-Bye Voltar - Summary Edit

The League is quickly whipped into shape when governess extraordinaire Nanny Boo Boo floats in on the west wind, and moves in to the League HQ. Red and Frogg decide they love being taken care of, but Voltar knows the League will be finished if he can't find a way to stop her evil niceness...

iDestruct - Summary Edit

Every Super villain in town is camped out in line for the all new iDestruct, and L.O.S.E. is no exception. It's a death ray, it's a mind controller and it's an electric garage door opener all in one! ("An electric garage door opener!? We must have it!!!!!") But with the Linemaster and his evil linebots already staking out territory, staying at the front of the line turns out to be more difficult than Voltar thought.