Rock Gothlington is not only a world famous rock star, but one of Metrotown's super villains. His first showing was at the grocery store, where he was making a live appearance for fans, and where Voltar heckled him.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

He wears dark leather clothing without sleeves, black makeup, and bracers and boots decorated with spikes. A mounted animal head is attached to the X across his chest, while the rest of the creature seems to be on his back, as the tail and claws can be seen. His hair is a blue-black, styled long on one side and shaved on the other.

Behavior Edit

In general, he seems to be a pretty chill guy who cares about his rock career and fans foremost, and quickly creates friendly relationships with others even if he doesn't think well of them at first. For example, at first he looks down on the League of Super Evil and laughs at their claims of being "evil" especially when confronted with the gentle Red Menace, but later seems to be on good terms with Red Menace and even Voltar, going on tour with the first and playing hockey with the latter. He himself doesn't seem to be doing anything particularly villainous, and seems to focus more of his efforts on his rock star career.

Relationships Edit

He has a lot of fans, including Doktor Frogg, and puts their interests first. As seen in "Bad-o-meter" even if something doesn't go according to plan, if the fans like it then he approves as well.

Powers Edit

Rock Gothlington seems to have a purple-theme, as each of his shown abilities has a purple glow. He seems to have complete control over his powers:

  • Fire Breath
  • Size Change

Trivia Edit

  • He has a lot of similarities to Darkstalkers character Lord Raptor, an Australian zombie rock star. They also share a voice actor, both being played by Scott McNeil, who uses the same voice for Gothlington as he did for Raptor.