Going giga

Rocky going Giga on Red Menace!

Rock Gothlington is not only a world famous rock star, but is one of Metrotown's list of super villains. He first appeared when LOSE went to see his live appearance at the store. Even though he seems to be against Voltar at first, he somehow quickly agrees to joining him in playing a game of hockey against a bunch of kids from their neighborhood. He wears mostly black and white while having a beaver's head mounted on a plate on his chest.

Trivia Edit

  • One of his fans is Doktor Frogg.
  • Coincidentally, he bears a number of similarities to Darkstalkers character Lord Raptor, an Australian zombie rock star. They also share a voice actor, both being played by Scott McNeil, who uses the same voice for Gothlington as he did for Raptor.

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