This is the eleventh combined episode of season one in the League of Super Evil TV series.

School Daze - SummaryEdit

Defeated in the first round and denounced as having the intelligence of "Celery" by an electronic trivia game called Brain Dump, Voltar decides to get even. Posing as a substitute teacher in order to sabotage the education of the kids who laughed at him, he teaches them the wrong answers. However, despite escaping the clutches of the teacher, the eventual destruction of the game kept him from being able to mock the students.

Bad-O-Meter - SummaryEdit

Wanting the Red Menace to learn to be more Evil, Frogg puts a "bad-o-meter" on his head. It rewards him for being bad, and punishes him with electric shocks for being good. But the machine starts to get out of control, and threatens Voltar's plan to disrupt heavy metal concert of a gothic star Rock Gothlington who insulted him.