Seafoam Green is one of the members of the Force Fighters V, and pilots the "Gnarly Tank."

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

His costume is a matching pair to the rest of the team in a different shade. The suit and helmet is a bright green-blue, accented by the white gloves and boots. The mouth piece on the mask does not move, even when speaking. He is the bulkiest and the tallest member of the team.

Behavior Edit

His gestures are the most indicative of them being teenagers, and he shows the most immaturity. His voice is a moderately deep pitch and has a bit if a "dude-bro" accent.

Relationships Edit

He is obedient to Rosé's instructions and in perfect synch with the rest of the team.

Vehicle Edit

He pilots the "Gnarly Tank" which becomes the right foot of a giant robot. It is the same color as his costume. He is part of the "Ground Attack" pair including Goldenrod.

  • Attack Type: Laser beam cannons
Gnarly Tank