Skullossus is the most famous and most powerful villain in all of Metrotown. With his advanced technology and robots, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

A white skull floating in a jar, his face is also his emblem. He wears an enormous red robotic suit with black and grey accents.

Behavior Edit

He is a self-assured villain who looks down on everyone except himself, especially humans.

Relationships Edit

Because of his high status, he often causes the League of Super Evil intense jealousy and admiration.

He has a friendly rivalry with General Sergeant.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Skullossus and his robot army are technologically advanced and fully armed with gun-like weaponry.

As his true self is only the skull in a jar, he can live without the attached robotic body, though his movement and abilities are very limited.

Trivia Edit

  • Skullossus' most famous line is "Foolish humans!" as he always says this whenever he is making a threat or ready to attack.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 1