Steve is the unfriendly next-door neighbor of the League of Super Evil, and lives in a normal house like everyone else on the street except for the League.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

His face is never revealed, as he is either inside, or just happens to have something covering his face, though his body is occasionally seen. He is a fat man who looks to be in his mid-thirties, and he is always seen wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans.

Behavior Edit

Steve is usually grumpy, and is always annoyed by the League's antics (especially Voltar). He often yells and criticizes the League specifically which in turn annoys Voltar. 

Relationships Edit

He is not on good terms with the League of Super Evil, and doesn't seem to be very friendly in the first place.

Trivia Edit

  • His catchphrase is "I don't care!" directed at the League of Super Evil, even for something that directly affects him like getting his gazebo blown up.

Episode Appearances Edit

  • Steve appears in many episodes of League of Super Evil. He is often a cameo, shouting his famed line at them.