The Super S Shuriken Typhoon Atomic Destructo-bot, also known as "Tina", is a giant robot that belongs to Commander Chaos. It was supposedly newly upgraded before the League of Super Evil got their hands on it.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

This giant humanoid robot with horns has a pale green and bright orange color scheme. The main control room is in the head and contains a ridiculous amount of buttons, levers, and switches, while the entrance/exit is located in the posterior.

Equipment/Abilities Edit

  • Large Size - standing taller than most buildings, it can easily crush a car beneath its feet.
  • Precision - perhaps due to how many controls it has, the robot is capable of fine movements that mimic the current driver
  • Alarm System - a female voice that gives warnings to the driver
  • Force field ("Class B Shielding") - A blue shield will encompass the robot that can deflect missiles and Beams
  • Propulsion Jets - .fed flame comes out of the bottom of the feet/boots, allowing the robot to move at great speeds, and probably fly.

Core Episodes Edit