The Cougar is a famous female super-thief and has a $100,000 reward for her capture.

Character Description Edit

Appearance Edit

She is a thin woman with short blonde hair (seen briefly under her hat while in disguise) and heavy makeup. When her face is revealed, it is shown that she has a lot of wrinkles, but in either outfit she has large lips. When not in costume she hides her face under a big hat, and wears a trench coat and very tall red high heels.

The Cougar

The Cougar in costume

Costume Edit

Her costume is a dark, skin tight cat-suit with a tail and pointed ears attached. It also has long white claws, and is accessorized with a gold collar. She also wears the same collar even when in disguise.

Behavior Edit

She is very flirtatious and often attempts to hit on younger men. However, this type of behavior seems to mainly be to get what she wants, and only partially because she is interested. While speaking, she has a sultry voice in disguise, but in costume she has an elderly quaver and is often interrupted by coughing.

Relationships Edit

After flirting with Doktor Frogg, he fell hard for her. She seems more interested in the Red Menace though.

Triva Edit

  • In Slang terms, a "Cougar" refers to an older woman who is romantically interested in younger men, and often has negative connotations.
  • Whenever her name is mentioned, or she is in the scene, it is accompanied by the yowl of a wild cat and soft jazz. This is revealed to be a guitarist and white tiger.
  • She is based off Catwoman from the Batman series

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Season 1

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