The Lair for the League of Super Evil is basically a modified house the group uses as their scheming headquarters as well as their living space. Most episodes start at this building.

See lower in the page for when the Lair was outfitted with a rogue AI and named "Lair-y."

Residents Edit

The members of the League of Super Evil all live in this building, whether they are long-term or only temporary.

Appearance Edit

The Lair is about the size of a two-story house, but renovated to look more evil with red-tinted windows and metal plates in the shape of the group's skull-like logo. It stands out a lot from the other cookie-cutter houses in their suburban neighborhood, and their next-door neighbor Steve calls it an "Eye-sore." However, the non-maintained lawn along with the rest of the Lair's appearance is purposeful, according to Voltar.

Features Edit

  • Voltar's room is visible from outside, as it is the small tower with the telescope, round porch, and twisty slide leading straight to the ground.
  • A small garage with an automatic door.


LAIR-Y was Doktor Frogg's greatest creation, a highly advanced artificial intelligence supercomputer created for the purpose of protecting Voltar's Abominator BMX Ultimate Evil Edition. After a poorly worded command by Voltar, it quickly went mad and threw out the entire League from the Lair in order to protect the bike.

It was eventually killed once Doomageddon ate its central memory bank processors, which had been dumpster dived out of Steve's backyard and possibly the reason why it quickly became defective.