The U.N.C.O.O.L. stands for Uniform Neighborhood Code of Orderly Living. It is a superhero group that used to consist of Justice Gene and Natasha the Absol.

Rules Edit

  • 35B and 66D- Sloppy lawn
  • going to fast on a mobility scooter
  • littering
  • 32J- Crying like a baby
  • dogs peeing by a tree
  • interfering with a U.N.C.O.O.L. official
  • pets must be on a leash at all times
  • obstructing justice
  • chewing with your mouth open
  • salad fork on the wrong side
  • eating soup with your hands
  • taking the last porkchop without asking
  • grass must be at least 3.5 inches tall
  • 54B- break dancing in a cross walk
  • 15J- serving brownies without nuts
  • 98W- using a fish as a telephone
  • 22M- digging without a permit
  • 75G-5-40- community service
  • 27-32B- all public security officers must wear black socks with their regulation uniforms

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