Venus the Echidna is the inventor and brains of the Backup League of Super Evil. She has pink-lavender fur with maroon bangs. Her right eye is bionic, as the real one was lost in an explosion. Like Dr. Frogg, she is also accident-prone, often getting hurt more than once. She wears black goggles and her left eye is a violet-esque color (her right eye is green).

History Edit

Venus was born to Harr-is and Lara-Ty on Angel Island in Modistancebius. When she was somewhere between 15 and 16, her parents were killed and she had to fend for herself. At age 22, she was part of the Dark Legion. She left the group without a reason why. During the Xeno War, she was caught in an explosion which was deadly and probably killed 19 or 20 people (in fact, this was how Venus lost her right eye). To this day, Venus is a feminine echidna equivalent of Dr. Frogg. Sure, she's a famous supervillain now, but in her past, not so much.

Are Venus and Frog an item? Edit

There have been rumors that Venus and Frogg have a romantic relationship. When asked why, Venus usually says, "How should I know?" There is no evidence to settle this.

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