Villaynes is a super fancy restaurant located downtown and is a gathering place for supervillains. It is very classy and has excellent food, but with a reservation list so long that customers will cryogenically freeze themselves while waiting in order to be alive when their reservation comes up.

It is destroyed during the League of Super Evil's efforts to enter.

Appearance Edit

It is a fancy dark purple tower with multiple floors, and a white neon sign pronouncing its name in cursive. It is built in the middle of the city, and surrounded with it's own dark purple, spiky wall.

Features Edit

  • a purple carpet going all the way from the street into the restaurant
  • the all-important reservations book filled with names of villains lucky enough to have a reservation

Employees Edit

  • Jules LeSimian - the bouncer, greeter, and manager of Villaynes, he is an intelligent blue simian.
  • Ninja Waiters - waiters in purple who back-flip all over the place and double as security.