Voltar is the self-appointed leader of the League of Super Evil. He is bad-tempered and evil-obsessed Like Odian, his origins are unknown. However, he has Dr. Frogg, Red Menace, and Doomageddon by his side. He also established the Backup League of Super Evil, which is led by Odian, and contains Dinatimus (LOSE Universe), Venus the Echidna, and Welgonia. He's probably the only one who tries to be evil more than the others. But even though he believes himself to be a great and powerful villain, he's no better than the rest of his misfit gang. His old rival in Supervillain Kiddy College was Buddlington Von Pantaloon III, who appeared in "Underwhere?" and was the one responsible for stealing Voltar's "lucky" underwear and millions more through suspicious pipes attached to washers all over Metrotown.

Character Description Edit

Despite how old Voltar is, he's one of the shortest characters in the show. He is the same size as the children in Metrotown (shorter than even Doomageddon), but since he can drive and rent his own apartment he must at least be eighteen. Voltar's wardrobe consists of a red jacket, pants and a big red helmet with antenna like things sticking out of his head (ala Invader Zim). Even when he's in his undergarments or butt naked, Voltar keeps his mask on his face, never revealing his true face. His eyes are black with glowing yellow pupils and has a strange skull like decal on his face that moves when he talks, smiles, or frowns. His idea of evil consists of throwing a neighborhood barbecue without inviting the neighbors, clogging all the toilets in town and delaying a pizza guy's route so they get free pizza. He's so into evil that he won't do or take interest in anything unless it's EVIL. Voltar's streak of bad luck is second only to Doktor Frogg's, probably because he doesn't get electrocuted or eaten by Doom as much. He displays paranoid and neurotic tendencies at times, like when he had the perfect evil bike that he wouldn't let anyone else touch and would eventually lead up to it being crushed. Voltar is described as an evil maniacal genius, but is childish and unintelligent. His behavior is a take-off of the 'Alazon' villain stereotype, and his appearance is loosely based on the 'Evil Overlord' villain stereotype.

As pointed out by Frogg during their adventure to the Museum of Natural History to steal a dinosaur bone (and unfortunately running into their old enemy Gene again)("Bite at the Museum"), Voltar shows a very poor knowledge of history. He claims the cavemen ("Ancient Greeks" as he calls them) made the first fire on the moon, dinosaurs pulled stage coaches during the time of cowboys, dinosaurs' distant cousin is the Egyptian mummy and the fact that the Wooly Mammoth was the one responsible for creating the printing press! Strangely, this lack of historical facts is also shared by Gene, who states he knew that "ancient greeks didn't have marshmallows on the moon" when he sees Red Menace eating a marshmallow over a fake fire in an exhibit about the cavemen when he's supposed to be staying still.

Voltar also has an addiction to an ice cream popsicle called a "Fudgy Yummy Fudge Bar" that he constantly asks the passing ice cream truck guy for when he comes around. Sadly, he's always late and misses his chance. But that changed when he and the others installed a hypnotizing charm onto the ice cream truck and had it hypnotize the chocolate grubbing kids into wanting tofu bars. However, this proved to be a bad situation as the addicted hypnotized kids were turning aggressive once Red Menace ran out of Tofu Bars to give them. And thanks to Frogg, who "forgot" to install a "OFF" switch on his chime and could only intensify it's power, had all the kids, several townsfolk and even the likes of Justice Gene and Skullosus come after them! In the end, the three are ultimately caught in the chime's affect and soon want Tofu Bars also (Voltar was the last to be affected and possibly the last one to snap back at the episode's end). Strangely, Doom appeared to not be affected by the chime.

When playing a game that tests players' intelligence, Voltar couldn't answer the first question right and ultimately got a intelligence rating of "celery" while Red somehow got "triple Einstein" on his first try. After that, Voltar decided the League would invade the nearby school and Voltar would pose as a substitute teacher, Mr. Voltarski, and teach all the kids the wrong answers to the game. Even though this plan worked, with the teacher almost catching him, Voltar was unable to mock the other kids at the game due to Doomageddon and Frogg's actions breaking it.

A running-gag in the series is that Voltar can unintentionally get hold of an item that could ultimately prove to be a success, which is quickly pointed out by Frogg, only to use it for a completely random event (such as using a massive robot owned by Commander Chaos just to beat a kid at a slam-dunk contest), or being completely unaware of what it is capable of.


Voltar is seen wearing a rusty red jump suit with a grey zipper-opening and League of Super Evil skull symbol on sleeves, he also wears a rusty red robot head, grey attenas, white mouth with black stripes, he also wears a League of Super Evil belt and a dark red underwear, Voltar's head has a black visor with yellow-orange eyes.